Geddy Lee Turns Down Rush ‘Cash Grab’ Offer


Several Rush lovers detailed their experience at Geddy Lee’s most recent book signings after a fellow fan asked what the experience was like. According to TheRushForum member, BluesChica, Lee only does autographs with personalization, to avoid eBay cash grabs, and the user recalled a story on how this made one member at a signing for the Rush frontman very upset because they wanted to allegedly sell Lee’s book on eBay.  This Rush singer made a bold Rock Hall of Fame demand recently.

The user stated: “I’m sorry, there is not a definitive answer on the personalizing!  He does write “To XYZ” on every book, I guess in part to keep them from being so easily sold on Ebay?  There was a guy at the Philly signing who just wanted Geddy Lee and he was disappointed that it had to be to a name.”

Geddy Lee revealed this 2020 tour offer the other day. The user continued: “The venue staff comes around with little note papers and they have you write out your name, then they stick it in the book so Geddy can be sure to spell your name correctly.  At some of the signings, people on here and on a Facebook group I am in, said they were able to write short dedications, like yours, and Geddy wrote that as well as his signature.  Other people from other signings have reported that he was doing names only at their event.  So I guess it just would depend if you would be lucky that day?  But he will write “To Clem” for sure.”

Geddy Lee viciously called this Rush bandmate a ‘rat.’ The user also said: “There was kind of a mixup when we were in Philly.  A man came around with the little papers and told us all to write our name AND short dedication on the paper. Then as we were like second in line, a woman (from the store, not Geddy’s staff) would look at the dedications and cross them out with a Sharpie and say, “There’s NO WAY he’s writing that, OK?”

The user concluded: “So why did the store tell us to write a dedication?  I did hear that the event was sold out at 500 people and the store got permission to sell another 200 books/tickets so it was up to 700.  Maybe when they did that, it was names only, just to get everyone’s book signed before Ged’s hand fell off.  I dunno, I got nothin’.  I wish a had a more definite answer on the dedications but it has happened both ways.  Good luck”