Rush Singer Geddy Lee Reveals 2020 Tour Offer


Rush frontman Geddy Lee revealed that several musicians have contacted him directly about collaborating and going out on tour in a new interview with Bass Guitar Magazine. While the Rush singer was not budging on how exactly these names were, Lee did tell the magazine the following. Geddy Lee viciously called this Rush bandmate a ‘rat.’

“A few kind musicians have contacted me and asked me to do stuff with them and go on tour, but that’s hard for me to do unless I really feel like I’m connected to it. I still have a hangover from Rush, it might take me a little while to get past that!”

This Rush singer revealed why Neil Peart forced retirement. In other news regarding Rush, Reddit user pachucocadaver87 discussed Rush’s 1976 song ‘Tears’ off of the band’s iconic studio album ‘2112’ and it’s impact. The user said:

“Tears”. Truly a great song by the Canadian rock trio, it is one of the very few Rush songs that Geddy Lee wrote the lyrics for after drummer Neil Peart replaced founding member John Rutsey. The lyrics talk about the seasons and all of the days, and all of the reasons why you might have felt this way”

The user continued: “Tears” is the only ballad from 2112, and it’s a great song to listen to when you feel like you just want to die, or when you’re out in the woods, crying and hurting yourself because of misadventures in your life that make you extremely fragile inside. The melody of the song is executed very well, and Lee’s singing is very gentle, compared to his shrieking on parts of “2112” or “Lessons” from the same album, 2112. Huge Syme, who created the artwork for the album, plays the Mellotron in “Tears”. I was also actually so moved by the song that I wrote a Wikipedia article for it, and it’s actually still up. Overall, I feel like “Tears” is among the band’s best songs, and the second best from 2112, only behind the title track” Geddy Lee announced this horrible Rush health scare recently.