Geddy Lee Viciously Calls Rush Bandmate A ‘Rat’


Rush frontman Geddy Lee was asked if any bands are asking the Rush singer to produce them in a recent interview with Bass Guitar Magazine. Lee states that he doesn’t have the patience to just sit there and do a job like that and equates the job description to that of a ‘studio rat’, saying that his Rush bandmate, Alex Lifeson has a far better temperament for it than he does. As Lee states himself, he told the magazine the following. This Rush singer revealed why Neil Peart forced retirement.

I haven’t been talking to people about production in a long time since I started producing in the 80s – a couple of small productions. You know, I don’t have the patience to sit there and do that for somebody else, because it’s so hard, it’s such a tough job. You have to really love being in a studio. You have to really wanna be a studio rat. Alex [Lifeson] has a much better temperament for that than me.”

Rush fans discussed their favorite and least Rush albums as well as songs in a recent topic on the group’s subreddit. Geddy Lee announced this horrible Rush health scare recently.

BluDragon1001722 wrote: “Favorite Album – Permanent Waves or Moving Pictures, both are just such great albums with so many memorable pieces that I can’t get out of my head. Least Favorite Album – Snakes and Arrows. I don’t dislike it, but its definitely my last choice. Favorite Song – Natural Science. It’s such a nice sonata form song that really resonates with me, and it’s message rings true even today. Least Favorite – Test for Echo. I’ve just… Idk, the melody irritates me on a visceral level.”

A Rush member was caught smoking this terrible drug. Apokylips put” Favorite Album: Grace under Pressure (due to nostalgia) Least Favorite: Vapour Trails (which I have listened to dozens of times so I don’t hate it obviously). Favorite Song: Territories invades my mind most often. The lyrics are so prescient. Least Favorite: Super Conductor (which I still would not skip to next)