Gene Simmons Daughter Filmed Shaking With Man


KISS icon Gene Simmons‘ lovely daughter Sophie Simmons was filmed shaking and dancing with her dashing brother Nick Simmons on Instagram recently. Gene Simmons’ daughter had a gross photo of her father leaked yesterday.

KISS fans wondered if the band could have been more popular in the 80’s with a big name manager in a new topic. gtrslinger22 posted, “I am curious as to how different KISS’s career path would of been in the 80’s if Doc McGee had managed them then. Doc had some real Heavy weight bands on his roster and took bands like Motley Crue, Bon Jovi to career highs. Would KISS have had the same success? Would they have recorded the albums they did or do the tours they did back then if Doc McGee was steering the ship????”

Gene Simmons’ daughter college party rejection was revealed earlier this week. JohnBergless responded, “I mean no disrespect to him – because I’ve met him before and really enjoyed it. But I have to wonder if Gene and Paul would have tolerated Doc’s [alleged] drug involvement. I don’t know how much there WAS to begin with – but that’s the ultimate story behind the Moscow Peace thing.

Don’t know how KISS would have meshed with that ordeal at that juncture of KISS’ career. Who knows; maybe he could have made the whole lead guitar player revolving door better – from the day Ace Frehley was out in the first place.”

andreww1962 chimed in, “Quite frankly, Doc probably wouldn’t have touched KISS in the 80s. They were on the way down and he was already locked in with some winning bands. I’d say Doc’s specialty now is knowing how to get blood out of a stone. Kiss should have packed it in in 96, so any income since then is all Doc.” Gene Simmons savagely called out a KISS ‘fraud’ recently.