Gene Simmons Savagely Calls Out KISS ‘Fraud’


Gene Simmons wants to shout it, shout it, shout it out loud! The KISS frontman is sick of people impersonating him. Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie had a ‘broken’ messy hair photo recently. Simmons took to social media via Twitter to inform the entire KISS Army and legions of rock fans alike that there is only one Gene Simmons as he posted the following disclaimer. Simmons was held by his daughter after a recent health scare in this new photo.

A WARNING TO FANS: my social media accounts are verified with a BLUE CHECK. I will never have another account. If anyone contacts you outside of a verified account on any social media platform, that is not me. – Gene

In other news regarding to KISS, fans on the fan forum – KISSFaq were recently discussing which bandmate has contributed the most to the success of KISS over the years.

Curryleaf brought this to the table: “All things considered, in the very early days it was probably Gene’s overall contribution that paved the way for Kiss’ initial success. I think Ace was the member that most likely helped propel them into superstar status. Once they’d reached that level, Paul all the way subsequently.”

Jampott put: ” Everything about “the demon” [Gene Simmons] roars KISS to me. Not only do I think he’s responsible for their success, but I think he’s the reason for their prolonged success too due to his image/character.”

Bassmansteiny diplomatically replied: “All four, with out either one the original chemistry and sound would not exist. Gene’s heavy melodic bass and vocals, Paul’s vocals and frontman, Ace’s awesome riffs and unique solos and Peter’s groove/swing. Plus the entire makeup/characters they came up with as an extension of themselves, so with out anyone of them would that have even happened? With out either one they would’ve been a different band.” Gene Simmons’ daughter looked like a cat in this surprising photo a couple of days ago.