Gene Simmons Daughter Rejection At Party Revealed


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons recently did a social media question and answer session where she was asked if she has been involved at all with her college since graduating. Gene Simmons’ daughter recently showed off her abs in this tight shirt. The beautiful, budding songstress explained that she has not because as Simmons explains she didn’t really like college at all and ‘party culture’ wasn’t her thing. The transcript from that question and answer session can be viewed below. Simmons begged for help in this sad photo not too long ago.

“Are you involved at all with where you went to college since graduating”?

“No actually, I left early. I didn’t like college at all. Really big party culture just isn’t my thing. I knew what I wanted to do already.

In other KISS related news, fans on KISS’s unofficial fan forum KISSFAQ were discussing the topic of what their last vinyl record of the band purchased was and the responses have been quite interesting! Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie had a ‘broken’ messy hair photo recently.

Under The Rose got the ball rolling by asking: “I started collecting KISS in the late ’70s and from then through to Hot In The Shade bought all KISS albums and as many singles as possible. Revenge was the first album I didn’t buy on vinyl, basically because I no longer had access to a record player. I bought Revenge on tape, then Alive III was my first CD purchase. My very last KISS vinyl purchase was actually Unholy on 12” white vinyl. I’m back on vinyl again these days. What was your last vinyl purchase back when tapes/CD’s took over?”

Jamcarl321 chimed in with “Dynasty. At 15 in 1980, I thought the KISS that I grew up with was gone when I heard Unmasked. Never bought it, and moved on to other rock. My vinyl then, and now: Alive, Destroyer, the Originals, RARO, Love Gun, Alive II, Gene 78 solo only, then Dynasty. (Didn’t buy Double Platinum back in the day due to limited funds and I had all those songs already, save for a new version of Strutter?!? 😀 ) When the Reunion came around in 1996, the fire was rekindled and I went back and completed the entire catalog on CD. I did get Sonic Boom and Monster on vinyl, though. Now, I mostly listened to digital versions either on my phone, or in the car, or on my iPad. Sheesh. My turntable, CD player and JBL speakers just gather dust.”

ManOf1000Faces replied: “Great question. The last one that I bought on vinyl new, and in sequence, was Smashes. I bought Hot in the Shade on cassette and finally got the used vinyl years later, in the 2,000s. Revenge I bought as a used cd while it was still current. I got the barely used Revenge vinyl a couple of years later. Unplugged I got as a free promo cd because I was writing music reviews at the time. At that point, I got excited about KISS again but realized that the new vinyl editions were out of my price range. To this day, Revenge is the most recent vinyl that I have, not counting a The Elder re-issue.

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