Gene Simmons Disgusting Photo Leaked By Daughter


KISS icon Gene Simmons is a great looking man, especially at 70, but a photo with his lovely daughter Sophie Simmons shows him in a messy situation! The photo shows Gene after he looks like he either got pied, or pooped on by birds, though we think (and hope for Gene’s sake) that it was just pie or cake! The photo shows what a good sense of humor Gene has about himself. Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed a college party rejection yesterday.

Fan page fred_paulie wrote, “What happened to @genesimmons!? 😳 #genesimmons #demon #kiss #kissband #hardrock #rock #rocknroll #sophiesimmons #genesimmonsfamilyjewels.”

Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent has released a new message to fans. From Mike Brunn on Facebook:

The latest from Vinnie Vincent regarding the Merry Metal Christmas event. More to come in the weeks ahead.

A Message from: VINNIE VINCENT

“Hey guys,

Get ready for party time!! It’s gonna be one hell of a fun CHRISTMAS SHOW. I WILL TELL U THAT!! There’s alot to look forward too: MUSIC, PERFORMANCES, FOOD, WINE, COLLECTIBLES, MEET & GREET, TALK, Q &A, SIGNINGS, PHOTOS, VINNIE VINCENT INTERVIEW AND PODCAST, VINNIE VINCENT INVASION SONG KARAOKE CONTEST, (I’M THE JUDGE, SO MAKE IT GOOD…with first, second, third place prizes)…..AND ON SUNDAY, THE ANKH WARRIOR SHREDDS, Fans will be invited onstage to join in singing background vocals to some of your favorite VV CLASSICS.

I think that portion of the show will have a special fan who will be playing drums in joining me on stage. Mannnnn, WE ARE GONNA ROCK! These are gonna be some great memories for me, and for you!!! Since there are new members who want to come, we extended the deadline and restocked. It’s simple, just go to and purchase your tickets. As with the BIRTHDAY BASH, filming and recording is prohibited. Ciao, VINNIE VINCENT.” Gene Simmons’ daughter begged for help in photos last week.