Gene Simmons Daughter Reveals Sad Medical Test Results


Gene Simmons’ daughter, as well as the promising singer-songwriter, and overall knockout beauty – Sophie Simmons recently took to social media via Instagram to conduct a question and answer session with her adoring fans. It was here that she revealed some surprising news regarding some blood tests that she had to take. Simmons was asked by a fan the following question. Gene Simmons took a brutal shot at Radiohead recently.

“What tests did you take to determine your food seem”

To which KISS daughter responded:

“Blood tests, [I] forget what they are called but I was sensitive to so much that I went full vegan and I haven’t had any problems since.”

KISS fans debated if there ever be a rock band like KISS or will “rock ever be popular again” in a recent topic.

Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed this ‘overweight’ video not too long ago. Acesmiddlefinger wrote: “There are plenty of young rock bands out there playing to plenty of young rock fans. The price of tickets seems to be a real problem in the US but over here in the UK it’s a different story. There are Academy venues nationwide and seeing a concert can work out cheaper than a meal out for two. Sure the bigger bands charge a little more but to say that millions have deserted the cause is wide of the mark.

There seems to be more and more bands around these days. Sure the internet has allowed a lot more bands to get their music out there but people have got to want to play.

We were lucky enough to be born in these times when some of the greatest rock bands were in their prime. Who’s to say the next big rock sensation isn’t just around the corner. Rock is very much alive and well it never went away.”

Tommy D said: Rock is huge in South America, Europe, and Japan, just ask iron maiden! will it ever be popular in America again? not if the media can help it! I remember way back when MTV first came on and played Iron Maiden “Wrathchild” and I was hooked for life but those days are long gone. now it is soft and safe so nobody will be offended. the last great rock star was [Marilyn] Manson but he has just become a parody of what he was in the beginning. Gene Simmons daughter was just filmed falling asleep in bed.