Metallica Icon Breaks Silence On James Hetfield Drinking


Metallica‘s original bassist Ron McGovney recently took to social media via Twitter to look back that the iconic metal group was formed in his garage thirty-eight years ago today. A fan by the Twitter handle of @Destrus76 then proceeded to ask McGovney the following. James Hetfield’s Metallica recent ‘freak out’ before rehab was also revealed.

“And none of you there that day probably realized that was one of the biggest moments in the history of heavy metal. Do you ever look back at that moment and think about those kids in that garage that were creating one of the biggest bands of all time?”

To which the bassist replied: No way. I thought we would play some backyard parties and drink some beer.

This Metallica icon newly revealed if James Hetfield used drugs. Later on, he would answer another question. This time if he ever regretted leaving the band that would wind up selling one hundred twenty-five million albums worldwide by a Twitter user named  @el_aNcI.

McGovney would reply: “No. It’s not a lifestyle that I could have survived. In many ways.”

Lastly, after sharing an old Iron Maiden t-shirt in which James Hetfield made while in high school, McGovney was asked one last question. This time by a fan with the Twitter handle @jason_dawsey who pondered what he and James thought originally when he heard original Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di’Anno was out and Bruce Dickinson was called to be be his replacement.

The original Metallica member proclaimed: “I had a Samson album, so I was familiar with Bruce, Bruce. I didn’t think his vocals would fit Maiden. I may have been wrong on that one.” James Hetfield recently cryptically quit social media.