Gene Simmons Daughter Filmed Falling Asleep In Bed


Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons was thanking her fans for what was surely a very successful performance. The budding songstress can be seen here laying down on a very comfortable bed giving kudos to her fans that saw her perform in Holland recently, wearing what we believe to be the same fetching Catwoman outfit that we previously reported on and wishing her beloved fans a good night. You can view everything below. Sophie Simmons looks like a man in this new photo.

KISS fans discussed if a non-makeup reunion would have worked for the group in the ’80s in a recent topic.

Jkiss said: “If they could be Aerosmith …it would’ve had worked to this day as it had for them, but they weren’t. I remember having a good discussion with a bunch of guys I met one night (that were ‘originals only’ fans) at an Aerosmith show before they came-on (circa “Permanent Vacation” tour). And that maybe, even likely KISS’ only way back ‘to the top’ was to reunite with the original members (in the future at some point). And until then …the arenas would be typically half-full or less for KISS & not ‘packed’ like with a reunited Aerosmith. Anyway, it was definitely at that point, I started to think only a reunion would get them back up there.”

Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed this horrible drug photo recently. Elleneff proclaimed: ” Even the purported semi reunion w Ace they tried to float in 89/90 wasn’t going to cut it. They only took it off late 83. They tried, what, 5 years later, and it’s like, hey how do we all feel about Monster because that all the time that had passed. 5 off years. That’s Nothing in the music cycle. The only option was to wait it out until the lust for nostalgia took hold and that was 16 odd years out of the 20 years cycle. 96. It was sold as if Kiss hadn’t existed at all since 1980 – the FIRST time in 16 years!!! etc.”

Bassmansteiny took a different stance: “I’m going to be the odd man out here. Would’ve it worked, I think so. Would’ve it been a successful level, I doubt that. I think it would’ve possibly done just about as well as KISS did on the Revenge tour or maybe smaller places like Harpos in Detroit, places that size. I’m the 80s KISS worked better with Eric Carr and Bruce. To be successful though, it was all about timing and yes the makeup. When the Reunion happened that was the right time.”