Howard Stern Makes Crazy Rage Against The Machine Claim


Howard Stern discussed hanging around producer Rick Rubin’s studio in Southern California years ago and Rage Against The Machine members being around, along with actress Kate Hudson. Stern and Fred Norris discussed what really killed Tom Petty earlier this week. Stern believed that Hudson was interested in him, which is surprising considering rock icons like Tom Morello were around! Hudson later got into a relationship with Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy. recapped: Howard said he was out at Rick’s house a couple of times years ago. He said he was single and he was in L.A. a lot. He said he’d bring some hot chicks around if he was dating someone. He said it was kind of a cool scene. He said he had some cool people in his house. He said they’d have Tom Morello and guys like that there.

Robin said he met Kate Hudson there. Howard said he was convinced she wanted him. He said he thought that she was into him. He said she was like half his age though. Robin said she may have spoken to him but that doesn’t mean that she liked him. Howard said they were both avoiding the dog shit laying around Rick’s house. He said it was cool going there.

Stern recently discussed the backstory regarding his dislike of legendary former Journey frontman Steve Perry, and the sad insult he called him decades ago. Stern also ripped Perry’s new solo material.