Howard Stern Reveals What Really Killed Tom Petty


Howard Stern and Fred Norris discussed the events surrounding rock icon Tom Petty dying in October 2017 on The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday. Dave Grohl recently revealed a heartbreaking Tom Petty secret. recapped: Robin Quivers asked if they ever changed the Tonight Show theme. Howard said they didn’t. He asked if she knows who wrote that. Robin said it was Paul Anka. Howard said that’s right. Fred played that theme song. Howard talked about Johnny Carson’s drinking problem and how he smoked during the breaks. Howard said Johnny will be nice to everyone on camera but not off. He said he would only let the comedians sit on the couch if they did well.

Howard said Paul Anka got paid every time that song played. He said when Larry Sanders did his parody did he have a theme song for his show. Fred said he thinks he did with a saxophone kind of song. Fred played that song for Howard. Howard said he loved that show. <>Howard said Garry Shandling is dead. He said all of his heroes are dying. He said it’s weird that Tom Petty is dead too. He said he smoked though. Fred said he broke his hip before going on tour and he was on massive amounts of prescription drugs and that fucked up his heart.

Howard said that was never explained to him. He said that’s a pretty good story. He said it makes sense to him now. Howard said the world has changed a lot. He said the guy who played Hank on the Larry Sanders show had to leave the show Transparent because he was up on some kind of #MeToo situation. He said look at how the world changes in a blink. Howard said he doesn’t know what his point was but the world is changing. Robin said the world is spinning. Howard said that’s right. Stern revealed what Paul McCartney did to Keith Richards and his songwriting recently with Ed Sheeran.