Stone Temple Pilots’ Rumored New Album & Tour Plans Revealed, Two Singers Out?


There are more rumors regarding Stone Temple Pilots’ singer search surfacing on Below Empty. The band have recently been working with a singer who they are ‘crossing the I’s and dotting the T’s’ with.

John Borja’s friend skunkyfunk posted:

Do you even know how long it takes to apply for a work permit in the US?

Do you even know how inefficient it would be if the band would hire Borja and immediately bring him to the US without any job security for the time being, other than laying tracks over songs that they need to record from scratch?  If it will take them a year to record, that would mean he should be jobless for one year. :D

I understand your logic.  If STP chose Borja, they would work on his papers immediately and then bring him to the US.  But that is not a very feasible and economical way to do it. Logically, they should do the music first with probably a vocal guide done by the band themselves, or even do collaborations until they come up with some formidable backing tracks.  Then <insert vocals here>. In this case, it does not mean that if you are collaborating with the band, that means you have been chosen.  I assume many have already done this with the band for the past year.

Put it this way, if you knew Borja was in LA, what would you think?

Vaporized posted on the Below Empty forums:

I can confirm that it’s neither Gutt or Borja.

Skunky – let it go man.

Vaporized later posted:

Once Pete Murray became involved, everything went quiet. I was then told that Borja and Gutt weren’t ever seriously considered and when I kept prying, all I was told is that Murray had stepped in and things were going well. But then things went silent again.


Great voice that can do many things. He has more range than what you’ve heard. He can craft his own songs. (lyrics and melodies.) He’s willing to tour and he has a great stage presence. He’s in LA and close to everyone. He also has a ton of connections in the business and has worked with bands that the guys in STP are friends with and everyone vouched for Pete. He’s also a really solid human being – which is also something STP has on their shopping list. No drama.

I’m not saying Pete’s the man but everyone spoke highly of what he was bringing to the table and then things went silent. Both with STP and White Noise Owl. (Pete’s new band.) Then STP started quoted things that seemed to hint the guy they found could be a guy like Pete.

I’d guess you’ll hear something in December and January. I heard a number of months ago that they were plotting a tour in Spring 2018 and that it would be behind a new record.

Purple posted:

I know Borja and Gutt were at least somewhat seriously considered. Dean really liked Borja’s audition video of the medley and they brought him in, met, etc. I also know they did at least a test run show with Gutt in LA for concert promoters, but that was back in the spring when this place was abuzz with his name. Then… Silence, just as Vaporized said. haven’t heard anything since.

Source: More or less the horse’s mouth