Jerry Cantrell Buys Korn Expensive Gift


Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch discussed touring with Alice In Chains and Jerry Cantrell in a new Hard Drive Radio interview.

“[Laughs] My gosh! You know what? [Jerry] just has this thing on him, right? It like he’s got this amazing bluesy thing but he also has a killer melody and a dark vibe to it. It’s like a dark, bluesy Jerry Cantrell sauce.

“I don’t know what it is but it works. And you know what’s cool? At one of the last shows [on the joint Korn and Alice in Chains tour] he brought me and [Korn guitarist James Shaffer] Munky a wah pedal, his signature one.

“So that was a dream come true, and James got to play with him, and then just recently we got to cover the song ‘Would?’ for the special that they put on over in Seattle. So it’s just really cool to connect with those guys.

“Everybody in the band is so kind – they’re just kind people, you know? And with egos in the music industry, it’s really refreshing to see someone that has influenced so many people be so kind o everybody. They’re just a breath of fresh air, honestly.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Head’s comments.