Temple of the Dog Film Major News Leaks


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky Cornell shared a video on Friday to celebrate Temple of the Dog’s 30th anniversary for their lone album. She shared a video of Chris praising Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready.

Vicky said, “Celebrating Temple of the Dog – 30 Years

30 years ago today Temple of the dog released their self titled album, which went on to become such an important and iconic album. The music influenced a generation and became a soundtrack to the lives of so many. Chris, we are continuously in awe of what you have given this world. We love you so much ❤️”

Victorbreithaupt suggested a concert film in an Instagram comment, “They deserve an official, professional release on DVD/Bluray.”

Vicky agreed that a DVD/Bluray concert film should be released. She wrote, “Yes they sure do.”

Vicky wrote a few months ago, “Hunger Strike- 30th Anniversary !

This is everything 🙏🤍 everything Chris was about! @tonicornell @cball.cnc

Chris ‘s contribution to music history is forever. As is his love, inclusion, guidance and support – all of which make him an incredible person, artist, friend, father and husband.

@chriscornellofficial ‘s legacy will live on for eternity through his music, his voice, his words, his children, his love and his truth- #legendsneverdie

#templeofthedog #cornellforever