Kurt Cobain Legal Battle Over Death Photos Heads To Court


The Kurt Cobain murder conspiracy nuts won’t let go.

The Blast reported in October 2017 that Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain were hoping to put an end once and for all to one person’s quest to try and get Kurt Cobain‘s graphic death photos released to the public.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Love and Cobain claimed they would suffer “substantial and irreparable damage” if the photos ever saw the light of day.

The mother/daughter combo filed their response to help the city of Seattle fight a lawsuit from a ‘reporter’ named Richard Lee, a conspiracy theorist who believes Cobain did not kill himself.

Back in 2014, Lee sued the city to try and get the photos released. The photos in question, according to court documents, show “Kurt Cobain’s body as it lay in the family residence after he was shot in the head.”

Lee has spent 23 years investigating Cobain’s death and believes the rock legend was actually killed in a conspiracy involving multiple government officials. He lost his original suit in 2015, but filed an appeal last year.

Love and Cobain have testified in this case before. Love has said Cobain’s death “was the most traumatic experience of my life. It left me physically distraught and I continue to suffer emotionally from the loss of my husband to this day.”

Frances Bean testified that the while she has no memory of her father, she “has had to deal with the trauma of his death her entire life.”

On April 21, 2016, Love filed a declaration accusing Lee of trying to exploit Cobain’s death and claiming Lee has “stalked and harassed me, my family, and my friends for many, many years … On one particular occasion, Mr. Lee even filmed himself chasing a limousine for several miles that he thought I was a passenger in. Mr. Lee’s actions make me fear for my safety.”

Newsweek reports that Lee filed an appeal after his request was denied, and the Washington State Court of Appeals is hearing oral arguments of his case against the Seattle Police Department on Monday.

  • Raj

    This guy is sick the Seattle PD already released photos a of a deceased Cobain showing parts of his arm, leg, etc. no one needs to see the rest. How would Mr. Lee like someone release photos of his dead relatives? This guy needs to be locked up for wasting taxpayer money.

    • Olga Stewart

      I couldn’t agree more.

  • Izzy Heil

    You call this journalism?

  • Joaney Bones

    A suicide is a crime scene! A crime scene is PUBLIC DOMAIN. Period. Right to Privacy is lost once law enforcement is involved…anywhere in the country…doesn’t matter if you are “famous”…taxpayer money is being spent to investigate. Just like mugshots or a uniform video…you have no Right To Privacy because it is PUBLIC DOMAIN once Police are involved. Even a POTUS, like JFK, had zero privacy about death photos.
    On another note, Colbains “suicide” is highly suspicious and has been since day one. Very likely Colbain simply passed out from hard partying and someone present murdered him and staged a “suicide”. Happens all the time people. It is time to remove doubts, the public has a right to know….who murdered Curt Colbain.

    • Joaney Bones

      RIP Colbain. You were screwed. Poor Guy.

    • Olga Stewart

      Do Jury’s family members (outside of his daughter) need to see those photos again?

      Do they again need to be reminded of both their pain and loss in such a way?