Kanye West Daughter Screams After Assault Video Leak

Kim Kardashian was furious at being asked about her ex-husband Kanye West allegedly smacking a phone out of a photographer’s hand in a new video. She was asked by NY Post, “Hey Kim, what do you think of Kanye hitting someone … [sic] the paparazzi’s phone?” “Do not talk to me about that in front of my kids,” the “Kardashians” star boldly responded, prompting the photographer to apologize to her. A child (Kanye’s daughter) shouted, “Please leave!” Kanye is a suspect in a battery investigation due the video seen below.

It seems that the marriage of her former husband, Kanye West, is adding fuel to Kim Kardashian’s rage of aggression. West, as we all know was married recently and ever since his former wife has spiraled out of control. Today, Kim wants to go on dates – even though she is aging. Let’s see what’s poppin’….

As per THE SUN, a source divulged: “Kim’s put the word out via her inner circle that she’s open to set-ups or introductions.” Terrible. 

Kim’s insider continued to claim: “Watching Kanye and Pete and how easily their lives just move on, it’s left her feeling frustrated – but also like she could be open to meeting someone again, just for dates, nothing too serious. “But someone recommended by a friend.”

The source explains: “So, her new experiment is to see who other people set her up with as she knows that she clearly doesn’t make the best judgment calls when it comes to men.”

The Kardashian insider concluded: “She goes for chemistry rather than compatibility – look how that turned out with Pete.”

Kim has been focusing on her family and her divorce from Kanye since splitting from Pete in August 2022 after their nine-month romance.

Although according to this source, it seems Kim may be considering getting her romantic life started up again.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Kim’s representative for comment.