Lawyer Reveals How ‘Combination Of Drugs’ Played Role In Chris Cornell’s Death


The lawyer representing the family of Chris Cornell, Kirk Pasich, did an interview last month with LawDragon and he discussed a new investigation into Chris Cornell’s death.

“We retained two of the country’s leading experts, a toxicologist and a pathologist, to do an independent review of the medical reports, not to come to a preordained conclusion. We didn’t say, ‘Hey, we want you to see if you can confirm X.’

We said, ‘We have unanswered questions. We don’t think the medical examiner was looking at the question of the impact of the drugs that the toxicology report identifies on Chris’ mental state or his physical state. We want you to look at and tell us what do you think? Just give us your independent opinion.’ We now have those reports and they confirm that there was a combination of drugs in Chris’ system that would have impaired his mental judgment, his mental capacity, and his physical capacity.

If Chris Cornell took his life, and there are still questions as to whether it may have been accidental, it was not with his normal judgment, his normal mental facilities or even his normal physical facilities. When one looks at the concert tape that night, you can see that the Chris Cornell that’s performing there is not the Chris Cornell that people knew.

He was slurring words. He was forgetting lyrics. He had loss of balance. He was stumbling. All of these things were not Chris Cornell. We know he took some Ativan and we know from the toxicology report he had other drugs in his system apparently ingested likely after the concert, so what people saw at the concert was exacerbated by what was taken after it.

And it’s confirmed by the toxicology report, but that’s been lost a little bit in the shuffle because all people hear is ‘suicide, suicide,’ and Chester Bennington’s death on Chris Cornell’s birthday just magnified that.”

  • mypat623

    I suppose the narrative now has to be, not “The Devil Made Me Do It’, but “The Medication That I Was Prescribed, And Was Within Therapeutic Dosing Levels, Made Me Delirious And Do It.” Can’t get the OD reason for death, so we gotta go for Meds Gone Wrong. Insurance company must be playing hardball. As far as him”being off”, on his last show, he looked the same way at the Anti-Inaugural Ball, sounded off & like he was high. There is a backstage video after the Anti-Inaugural Ball concert with the Rage guys. When he was backstage after the show, he looked, sounded and acted fine, not like a person on any type of drug, or drink. I am glad someone finally posted that video. Because his appearance at the AIB scared fans. Thinking he relapsed. Sad that his wife and her family cannot bring themselves to saying the dreaded “D” word, depression. Sometimes even in the best marriage in the history of marriages, depression can rear its ugly head. People can appear outwardly happy and content, and still suffer from it. Mr.Cornell spoke openly about his bouts with depression. His lyrics don’t need any explanation. CC got me out of a depression funk with his dark songs. For Chester’s wife to publicly announce that Chris Cornell was not depressed, but in a drug induced delirium is very irresponsible. She is not a mental health provider. There is no shame in depression. But, there is shame in not acknowledging it…

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  • suz

    YOU DON’T GET TO JUST SAY A THING WITHOUT PROOF because then it’s just a story, a narrative you must have people believe at all costs. ‘there was a combination of drugs in his system’ — WHAT DRUGS? and how did they create his death?

    ENOUGH of the repeating headlines. your readers are tiring.

    • Olga Stewart

      I’m not tiring.

      So you don’t speak for all of us readers.

      • suz

        okay, i’ve edited my post.

        • Olga Stewart

          While being insulting, I see.

          That’s not editing.

          That’s being rude.

          • HippieChic61

            Always telling everyone to leave, shut up, or stop posting. If youre so sensitive maybe you should stop visiting.

          • Trovoid

            If people are going to complain about the site then they might as well leave.. Would you go back to a restaurant over and over again that has shitty food?

            Before you say it’s not our right to tell someone to leave, Olga only suggested it. I’m not sure why Olga is always the main target on here. She is kind and open-minded. You are a little minion to Vicky and you spew shit out of your mouth (envision a chocolate fountain the size of Mars).

  • Vicki

    Its just making me too sad to read any more stuff about cc.if the lawyer is correct and these so called drugs affected his physicality then how did he have the strength to commit suicide the way he did anyway.this is all bs .cc has gone and apart from his music we hace no other connection to him now and any info now is completetly tainted with awfull cc

  • BranFAN

    Given the facts of the case, there was no conclusion for the medical examiner to reach other than “suicide by hanging”. I really don’t care if blaming Ativan brings them some kind of comfort. But, constantly blaming the medical examiner for ruling it suicide really bugs me.

  • Kay B

    Whatever makes you sleep at night…..

  • Olga Stewart

    They are not going to let this go, huh?


  • QTPI40

    Why did you not post the lawyers entire interview? The part where he states that VK called him minutes after CC’s death. MINUTES. Minutes after Chris’s death, she makes a call to Kirk Pasich, a lawyer that specializes in life insurance payouts. If that does not raise red flags, then I don’t know what does.

    • Olga Stewart

      I had heard about this article elsewhere.

      So I was also wondering why this particular part of the article had been left out.

      • QTPI40

        Seriously, who has a lawyer, who specializes in life insurance payouts on speed dial? How would she know, WITHIN MINUTES, she needed this type of lawyer?

        • mypat623

          My thoughts exactly. I will not just ASSUME that Mr.Cornell told his wife to call him minutes after he dies. Who cares if they were friends? Strange to be worrying about life insurance minutes after a death. It does point at money though. One would think (not assuming!) he had enough money to be buried, and that the insurance aspect could have waited a day or two.

    • HippieChic61

      And you know she called him within minutes, how?

      • Maryam

        I read the interview they have on Law Dragon and he said she called him. I took a screenshot of that part of the interview.

      • QTPI40

        Read the entire interview. That is what the lawyer states in the interview.

        • HippieChic61

          Hey thanks! Id assume she called him to handle all the legal aspects of what was going on because they were friends. Chris probably told her if anything ever happened to call him immediately,

          • QTPI40

            This lawyer specializes in life insurance payouts, that is his only role in the “legal aspects” of Chris’s death. Pretty sure minutes after my husband’s suicide I would not be worried about a payout. I think I would be more worried about how I can get to my husband, what I’m going to tell my children, notifying family, etc…

  • QTPI40

    So they did not get the answer they wanted from the toxicology report or the corners ruling, and basically paid some “experts” to give them the ruling they want. This does not surprise me. But more importantly it does not change the fact that he had a therapeutic level of Ativan in his system and no other drugs were found. They can pay every “expert” in the nation, it still cannot change the facts. I have never seen anyone trying to work so hard to ruin their spouses legacy.

  • María

    I mean, if she had contact with her lawyer MINUTES AFTER HER DEATH, and I remark this last one, and they doubted the forensic report, why did she cremate the body, why she did not request a second autopsy with an expert witness. I want to assume that any lawyer would advise her to maintain the body. I call all this junk.

  • Maryam

    This is total bs!!! Gold digger needs a reality check! What they should’ve told this new medical examiner is that we have unanswered questions and that’s it. Not go into details about what their unanswered questions are! This woman makes me sick, she doesn’t have enough of Chris’s money so she needs more. That’s what this shit is all about money! So tired of her putting all this effort into money when she should be putting it into her kids. Despicable woman!!!

    • Olga Stewart

      And it’s those kids that I worry about the most.

  • Trovoid

    Nothing will bring him back so I wish these people would shut the hell up. He killed himself and he’s gone forever and these idiots working for Vicky can twist the narrative any way they’d like. I’m so tired of all this.

    • Olga Stewart

      Maybe if they would also disappear?

      That would also help.

      • Trovoid

        I wish. Why can’t they just let the man rest in peace? It’s over. He’s gone and they won’t even allow him to have his own choice of death..

        • Olga Stewart

          Nor did they bury him where he was born.

          I know that some don’t agree with me.

          But still, that’s where I feel he should have been buried.

          • Trovoid

            I agree with you. Seattle was a huge part of his roots and shaped him as a human being. It’s a travesty that he was buried in pretentious Hollywood. Especially considering that the Hollywood lifestyle may have contributed to his demise.

            I don’t care if people don’t agree with us, I’ll tell it as it is now. I’ve argued with Hippie about this. I discredited Talinda and she said, “So, she’s only a strong and positive voice if you agree with her?”

            I said, “Umm no. I just thought she was educated about mental illness but then she said Chris died of drug delirium and that discredits her in my opinion. She’s done a lot of good but I don’t care to see her trying to diagnose causes of death. Talinda’s entire mission was to eliminate the stigma of mental illness. How can we do that if she’s changing her opinion and saying Chris didn’t want to kill himself? SAYING IT’S BECAUSE OF DRUGS ISN’T PROTECTING ANYONE. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of and Chris’ kids may suffer from it one day too.”

            She also said on this thread (referring to you), “Always telling everyone to leave, shut up, or stop posting. If youre so sensitive maybe you should stop visiting.”

            So I said, “If people are going to complain about the site then they might as well leave.. Would you go back to a restaurant over and over again that has shitty food? Before you say it’s not our right to tell someone to leave, Olga only suggested it. I’m not sure why Olga is always the main target on here. She is kind and open-minded. You are a little minion to Vicky and you spew shit out of your mouth (envision a chocolate fountain the size of Mars).”

            Thought you would be amused 🙂