Rage Against The Machine Huge Rumored ‘Firing’ Leaks


Rage Against The Machine singer Zack de la Rocha was recently filmed working out at a gym by his trainer preparing for the RATM reunion tour, but it turns out that the trainer wouldn’t do what Zack told him. The trainer deleted all videos, and fans think he may have angered Zack by filming him and uploading the videos, violating his privacy, with speculation that he may have been fired.

LatinoWorldOrder posted on the RATM Reddit, “Anyone think Zack’s trainer got in deep shit for posting those videos? He ended up deleting the posts and even going as far as deleting his whole Instagram. Wonder if he ended up getting fired. That begs to question why he would even post the videos without Zack’s permission.”

Johnmlsf responded, “That’s odd. I saw on one of the threads that people had asked if the trainer had permission to post the videos, and he said yes.

If you were a celebrity trainer, you’d think you would never, ever post that sort of thing unless you were absolutely 100% certain of it being approved. And he did it a few times.

Then again, the posted workout videos seem to completely fly in the face of ZDLR’s seemingly amazing ability to stay out of the public eye.”

TheBigBackBeat said, “I wonder if the gym got pissed too? Fans calling to see when Zach will be there next or just showing up and deterring members from showing up.”

Parallel_Radio wrote, “Very true! That is a safety issue for ZDLR.” ForsythiaRobin chimed in, “I’ve been wondering the same thing. It made me cringe for Zack. Its a violation of privacy! Was Zack even aware he was being filmed? Its unprofessional and unethical to post without approval (from anyone) and take advantage of his status to promote his business. Not cool.”

DerekBoolander asked, “Why was it cringeworthy? I never saw them.” ForsythiaRobin shot back, “Sorry, I didn’t mean he looked bad. Its just that he was working out. Its not something a private person like himself would want shown (at least that doesn’t seem like something he would release). Its one thing to take a picture at a public event, but if he wasn’t aware of being filmed, then they were posted – it just felt like a violation in my opinion. :o/” Rage Against The Machine leaked a ‘final’ Layne Staley album a few days ago.