Layne Staley & Maynard James Keenan’s Bizarre Drunk Bar Story Revealed


The Baldy has posted the following on the Alice In Chains tour blog:

Tool and Alice In Chains have a long history together, going back to 1993 when they spent the summer together Lollapalooza-ing across North America.

Tool was one of my favorite bands on the bill that summer.

They came onstage in the middle of the afternoon and absolutely killed it day after day after day.

And Maynard was a whirling dervish of activity, at least compared to now.

He prowled the stage and stomped and kicked and spun around until he fell over.

And the band was tight and brutal.

Those guys were (and are) an incredible band.

One of my favorite drunkenly fuzzy memories from Lollapaooza was going to an after hours bar after the show in Atlanta, and sitting between Maynard and Layne at the bar.

As the night turned into morning and more and more drinks were ingested, Layne & Maynard decided that talking was interfering with their drinking, so they decided to quit.

Talking, not drinking.

For what seemed like an hour, they used me to pass notes back and forth to each other on cocktail napkins. I can’t remember what all was written, but the notes were strange and hilarious, and that night will always stick with me.

  • MuldoonLives

    Thats a shame you dont remember what the notes said. Drunk or not thats something you remember buddy

    • Olga Stewart

      Had he been thinking, he would have asked to save those napkins (with the notes on them).

  • Rizz

    That is great. The social media Maynard is not my favorite version. I prefer Maynard on records.

    • Jason Messina

      I agree, and that goes for Lane also. I much rather listen to them sing then worry about what was on a posted note, or a napkin. Cuz first of all the story probably isn’t even true, because if it was he would not have ended it the way he did. That’s so retarded passing notes back and forth to each other at a bar, sounds pretty gay to me…. I mean come on, really guys, do you believe that?