Corey Taylor Reveals Terrible Morrissey Secret


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has revealed that The Cure are better than Morrissey’s iconic band The Smiths in a new tweet, revealing his secret opinion, and one name called him it for it being a terrible view to have. Paul McCartney recently revealed what Morrissey did with his wife.

Taylor wrote, “Today’s Controversial Take: The Cure > The Smiths. Don’t @ me. #truth.”

Jay Ruston responded, “Overall catalogue I’d agree, but if it comes down to the best song, ‘How Soon Is Now’ wins for me.”

Taylor responded, “Yeah but you’re Canadian.” Ruston shot back, “Touché eh.” Taylor then said, “TouchéEEEEEEEY MAN!!$”

Nils Lofgren tweeted, “How is this even an argument ? I’m curious. We simply don’t get paid for our work. @Spotify is worth billions. I’m going to start posting up every check. @thedavidcrosby.”

Taylor responded, “No one points this out. And while Congress has passed legislation to right this wrong, almost all the streaming services are APPEALING, which means we STILL don’t get paid for our work. But please people, by all means- stream away… 🙄”

A fan asked, “Just curious, where does the main source of income come from? I’d assume touring and merchandise but I really don’t know.”

Taylor responded, “We HAVE to tour. It’s the only way we can make a living. Merch helps, but the merch companies make the lion’s share. Streaming is pricing artists- old AND new- out of careers.”

Do you agree with Taylor? Let us know in the comments section. A Slipknot member was angered a couple of days ago by a mask ripoff accusation.