Red Hot Chili Peppers On Why They ‘Don’t Feel Connected’ To One Hot Minute


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith was recently interviewed on Radio Rock, and Alternative Nation transcribed some quotes regarding One Hot Minute and Californication.

“We [did] One Hot Minute, and a lot of things had happened between Blood Sugar Sex Magik and One Hot Minute. John [Frusciante] left the band, Dave Navarro from Jane’s Addiction joined our group on guitar. It was more of a difficult time for us, it took a long time to make the album. I think it was just the anniversary of this record, I saw a lot of stuff on social media about it, it was cool.

It was more of a rock album, and Dave is a great player. It was a different chemistry for the band, it took awhile for us to sort of get into the groove of that. Out of all of our records, it’s probably the one that gets played the least. We’re not as connected to that album, but we’re very proud of it.”

“John Frusciante [then] rejoins our group, we make Californication, again really easy, a lot of songs came really quick. We wrote a lot of songs in Flea’s garage in Hollywood, it was amazing to have John back in the band again. It was an exciting time, we never thought he’d be back in our group again. He had gone through a lot of personal things, it was like a rebirth for us, and an exciting time to have the four of us back together making music.

He also that that Blood Sugar Sex Magik is his favorite Chili Peppers album, with Californication coming in second.