Liam Gallagher Thinks Another Band Originated Foo Fighters’ Sound


Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher put out some interesting tweets today, claiming that he’s the best songwriter on the planet, that there was a band that sounded like Foo Fighters before Foo Fighters existed, and ‘there’s no drugs left in the world they got done in the 90’s.’

  • Corndog

    Okay……or should that be oh….que?

  • Amathyst

    Ugh.. what is his problem just lately..

  • Tyrone Blackman

    Once a tool, always a tool.

  • John Russelman

    He knows what he’s talking about…

    • nomad

      Maybe he does, but I sure can’t figure out what he’s going on about!

  • Jeanandavathesecond

    He is losing the plot.