Maynard James Keenan Reveals Why He ‘Left’ Tool Bandmates


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan used to live in Los Angeles, where his bandmates reside and work on writing music, but he revealed that he needed to ‘get out’ of a LA in a new Gourmet Traveler Wine interview. Maynard James Keenan’s ‘depressing’ Tool show comments leaked a couple of days ago.

“I didn’t move to Arizona to make wine,” he says. “I moved to just get out of LA. I’m from a small town in Michigan, so moved to a small town in Arizona, which is close enough to LA to get back and do work but there’s more fresh air here, and a lot more views.”

“You have your moment where you first appreciate a wine,” he says. “You have something and you go, ‘I think now I like wine’, but for me there was that moment where I had a wine that made me decide that I wanted to make wine.” Those wines – a 1990 Case Basse di Gianfranco Soldera Riserva and a 1982 Château Léoville-Las Cases – he drank with “extremely well-stocked friends with deep, deep cellars.”

A Tool member revealed if they’ll be ‘done’ touring by 2021 recently. Chapluqa79 posted on Reddit recently wondering why Maynard James Keenan stopped singing in front of the stage with Tool, “When did Maynard stop singing in the front of the stage? We’re currently watching a show from ’96 (Glass Room, first show of Aenima tour). It made me start wondering when he made the transition to not being the ‘front man’ when they performed live? I’m a relatively new Tool convert so please pardon my ignorance…”

River_Atkinson responded, “Lateralus tour, I think. He was at the back of the stage by the drums for that, on a raised spinning platform all decorated by Alex Grey for every show.”

Labyrinth1111 said, “I know on the Lateralus tour he started standing in the back. The last time I saw him up front was with a perfect circle when they were opening for Nine inch nails on the fragile tour in 2000. I think he reasoning is cause it helps with the mix so his vocal don’t get lost in all the Instruments.”

Bigmistertut commented, “Stage volume. He stated in one interview that it was a volume war down front with the instruments and monitors. He can hear himself much better in the back.”

You can read the full Maynard James Keenan interview at Gourmet Traveler Wine.

  • Joeblow Hopper

    Learn to swim, see you down in Arizona bay….eh Maynard ?

  • michael echols

    In reference to Maynard of Tool , that is correct about when he started standing at the back of the stage! They did a few shows around Salival in 98,99 I think which was the last tour he did that! But those anima tour shows are legendary! Unfortunately I was a little too young then but thank God for YouTube! His performances are so amazing. Vocal ability is one of a kind and will probably never be replicated I have this weird feeling that they might not tour for a while? Hope not but just picking up comments here n there but very good possibility I’m wrong? But I finally got to see Tool in 2016 so my life is complete! They open with no quarter and it was greatest show I’ve ever seen and that’s saying something cuz I’ve been to a lot of concerts!