Rage Against The Machine Girlfriend Reveals Money Ripoff


Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk’s girlfriend posted on social media earlier this week, “SCAM ALERT! Someone has been sending emails posing as me asking for money ‘stuck on vacation’ blah blah blah! If you get an email like this please disregard it, this is not me! #scam #scammer.”

Below is the email, “SCAM EMAIL: ‘Good to hear from you, Am currently out of state but having a little problem here. I tried to make withdrawals from about 5 different machines but all not available and after visiting the banks here I was told it was due to network errors.

I am stranded here without any money, so I was wondering if I could get a quick loan of $7,500 from you or any amount you can afford if not all. I promise to refund it back immediately I get back. Let me know if you can help me out so I can instruct you on how to get it sent to me.”

Rage Against The Machine reunion tour show huge ticket prices were revealed a few days ago. Hankvonh commented, “Uuuh. Ok. So you’re not in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle on a herring trawler in desperate need of a rescue mission, surrounded by mutant killer herring? Ok. I’ll ask the chopper pilot to turn back to the mainland again.”

Chantalclaret wrote, “That one was way more involved and well spelt than the one I got. Ugh so sorry that happened to you.” Helium_raven13 said, “Wow what kind of nut would think YOU were personally contacting THEM for money?! And in broken English at that. It’s not a funny situation, yet at the same time… 🙊😂” A Rage Against The Machine member unloaded on reunion haters yesterday.