KISS Icon Paul Stanley Reveals Creepy Wife Photo


Paul Stanley once sang “Let’s Put The X In S*x” but now he’s looking to put the “H” in Halloween! The iconic KISS frontman took to social media via Twitter to reveal this shockingly creative, hand carved Paul Stanley themed Jack-O-Lantern in time for the Halloween holiday. The Jack-O-Lantern was created in use for the hit ABC television show, American Housewife. You can view the great KISS pumpkin, in all it’s majestic glory below. Paul Stanley revealed this terrible Jimmy Page photo a couple of days ago.

Personally, I wasn’t too sure what this was. If this was supposed to be Paul Stanley carved into the pumpkin, a gender-bent version of Stanley or something else entirely. Regardless, I believe that this is a neat little tribute to one of the greatest rock bands in all the land and something that the whole family can enjoy. Check your local listings for the upcoming Halloween episode of American Housewife so can see for yourself. Paul Stanley grabbed this young A-list actress in a recent photo.

In other news regarding KISS, fans of the group discussed what newer, compariable bands KISS fans should listen to in a recent topic.

Rockandrolloverman replied: “In terms of theatricality, Ghost immediately comes to mind. I was thinking of leaning towards Ghost and buying some of their newer CDs and see what I think it’s a very ambitious and theatrical presentation they have, a bit on the Thrashy side but what I’ve heard does sound like it has musicality to it. I don’t care for the Rammstein look, but they do have a very ambitious live show I want something more than just a hard rock band in street clothes. [I want] a band that puts on a presentation with a theme to their presentation. I think I get a few of the newer Ghost CDs

Hi I’m Witz, chimed in stating: “In terms of theatricality, Ghost immediately comes to mind. Also check out The Struts.”

Where’s Drago? was far more pessimistic in his reply putting: “There’s simply nothing. For good or ill, I can think of no other band that would have the musical variety of KISS allied with the sheer lunacy of their brand licensing. Who else would have a J-Pop song, Hello Kitty toilet paper and coffee, condoms and coffins?” This Paul Stanley ‘horrifying’ photo surprises KISS fans.