Maynard James Keenan ‘Depressing’ Tool Rant Leaks


Tool fans recently looked back at Maynard James Keenan’s onstage remarks, jokes, and rants on the fall 2019 North American ‘Fear Inoculum’ tour. Maynard said at the last show, “Washington DC needs an Aenema.” Maynard’s emotional last Tool show goodbye was also revealed.

KingofSnatch said on Reddit, “I don’t recall exact quote, but from the AC show: ‘AC…..don’t let your buildings fall on me……. F**k it bring it down!’ Cue Aenema.”

HollyBells83 responded, “‘AC…..AC, don’t let your building fall down on me…..fuck it! Let’s tear it down! (Begin ænima!)’

They played Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, its an older smaller venue and I am not entirely sure the building was ready for the spaceship of sound and light equip that they brought, lol.

Edit to say, I didn’t read your whole post before adding my comment!! Hahaha f**king awesome you were there for that too!!!!”

A rumored Tool movie from the tour was also recently detailed. Snaphappy1 posted, “‘We wrote this song while riding across the country in a boxcar during the Great Depression’ before Intolerance in Raleigh.”

notyourspyingex posted on Reddit about Danny Carey’s playing on “Invincible” off of the new Tool album, “The very first stuff he does, is this 1-2-3 thing on the mandalas, I think? Anyways, so its already in a polyrhythm with Adam, but you get into the weird groove after a bit. Then, after 5 repetitions of 1-2-3 the madman throws in a 1-2, then back to 1-2-3. It warps the entire song and throws me off, but I never pinpointed it to myself until now.”

PNSNKR responded, “haha, even more insane is how Maynard knows where to come in; does he keep track of Adam or Danny…? I found it easier to follow Adam to know when Maynard will go long in tooth and soul.” Maynard James Keenan was injured at a Tool show last week.