Ozzy Osbourne Alleged ‘Lip Syncing’ Video Revealed


Fans of Ozzy Osbourne are wildly speculating that ‘The Prince of Darkness’ actually lip-synched during his most recent performance at the American Music Awards, but that he unknowingly did it, with behind the scenes producers potentially setting it up without his knowledge. A user on the Ozzy Osbourne Reddit posted a screenshot from the YouTube video uploaded of the performance of a fan that posted his theory that Ozzy actually was forcefully lip-synching that night, though the other singers could be the ones doing it. We’ve viewed the video, and we don’t buy it, Ozzy was singing live, but we’ll at least explore this theory. Ozzy Osbourne’s wife recently unloaded on this pedophile accusation.

“It’s publicity. Ozzy and his team won’t know. Post [Malone] and Travis [Scott] will. Why? Travis and Post are younger and have an ever-growing fanbase. Ozzy, whose fanbase only consists of diehard fans who remember real music will expect that the younger fanbase will only want to hear Post and Travis. The AMAs, knowing this full well, decided to turn off Ozzy’s mic, so he’s forcibly lip-synching, therefore having Post and Travis look good.”

TheFourWude wrote: “So. The Ozzman lip-synched tonight at the American Music Awards 2019 but did he know it? There were several times he tried to sing and no sound would come out and at the end of the song he attempted to thank the audience but the mic wasn’t on. Are they just not telling him? ******* disrespectful.”

Ozzy Osbourne was recently accused of attacking this famous woman. In other Ozzy Osbourne news, fans took to social media to discuss Osbourne’s newest single ‘Under the Graveyard’ which was recently released and is due out as part of Ozzy’s upcoming album ‘Ordinary Man’ in 2020.

One reviewer noted: “Ozzy hasn’t had an album come out in a decade. ‘Scream’ was his last and thank God he’s not going out of the game with that album as his last. ‘Ordinary-Man’ will be released in 2020. The single ‘Under The Graveyard’ is an Ozzy song. It sounds like all the other Ozzy songs of the past decade. The auto-tuning on his voice has made it warbled and weird. Like he’s some evil elf. The song gets a little Sabbath-jammy at the end and that’s pretty cool. Chad Smith is on drums and Duff [McKagan] is on bass and Andrew Watt on guitar. It’s nothing stellar and the guitars are buried in the mix (probably for a good reason).Ozzy Osbourne was ‘turned down’ by this A-list actor in a video recently.

The reviewer continued: “Yet, having been a fan of Ozzy since the early 80s, I can say without remorse, that it’s good to hear him again. I’ll buy the album. Of course. Even the terrible Scream still had a few gems. My only regret is that Zakk [Wylde] isn’t here. He would have made this album so much better. That was probably Scream’s biggest miss. Zakk makes all the difference.