Gene Simmons Daughter Reveals Back In Skirt


Gene Simmons‘ daughter, Sophie Simmons, the budding songstress with a lot to live up to recently attended the Premiere Of Columbia Pictures’ “Venom” at Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, California. Simmons looks absolutely sleek and sexy in this inspired black ensemble. Gene Simmons’ daughter was filmed dancing for a famous singer.

In other news regarding Sophie’s father, Gene Simmons. Fans recently took to social media to relieve Gene’s landmark debut self-titled album for the group KISS, released originally in 1975. Gene Simmons revealed a sad ‘coughing’ illness in this video.

Mylz wrote: “Without question, Kiss’s debut marks the start of the band’s golden era. The album opens with “Strutter”, an instant attention grabber, stacked with attitude, chunky rhythms, and primitive hard rock swagger. “Nothin to Lose” follows, an equally strong and catchy song with a memorable chorus. It’s impossible not to get sucked in by this raw, stripped-down hard rock. It’s no wonder that 7 of the 10 songs here would become “classics” and a vital part of the band’s setlist decades and decades after their release. “Cold Gin” and the somewhat corny “Firehouse” are two more feel-good classics with basic rhythms that prove hard to resist. “Let Me Know” and “Kissin’ Time” are sandwiched in the middle, both sounding like a pair of oldies and lacking the pull of the others. The latter happens to be a late 50’s song which came at the suggestive urging of the record label with the hope of producing a hit single.

He continued: “This song hardly affects the album even though it’s definitely one of the two weakest tracks. The weakest track found here is the half-realized “Love Theme From Kiss”. Nearly passing for filler, it acts as a kind of instrumental intermission following “Deuce”, which happens to be one of the most powerful tracks on the record. And who isn’t familiar with “Deuce”?!, that powerhouse opener from Alive! If the “Love Theme From Kiss” doesn’t move you, it will give you pause to prepare yourself for the exciting hard rock excellence of the final two tracks: “100,000 Years” and (the musical ganache that is) “Black Diamond”.

Gene Simmons’ daughter stuns dad with a revealing outfit. The reviewer concluded: “Both contain a kind of magic and climactic explosiveness not commonly found on debut albums. Although Paul and Gene take turns dominating vocal duties throughout the recording handling their parts incredibly well, it’s Peter who delivers the most outstanding performance with “Black Diamond”. (If you want to hear “Black Diamond” perfectly rendered, seek it out on YouTube or on Kissology Vol. 1 under Kiss at Winterland.”

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