Ozzy Osbourne Reveals Why He Cheated On Wife


Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne recently told the Sun why he cheated on his beautiful wife Sharon. Ozzy Osbourne ‘whacking’ cocaine was recently detailed by a big name.

“We all make mistakes. I’m lucky she took me back. Sometimes I sit there and go, ‘What the f*** was I thinking?’ I won’t understand why it happened until the day I die.”

Osbourne also said former bandmate Tony Iommi has called him ‘daily’ to check in about his health, and Iommi recently discussed playing guitar tuned lower, and how he originated that dark heavy sound that has come to define Black Sabbath. He made the comments in a Kaaos TV interview. Ozzy Osbourne also recently revealed what Paul McCartney did to his wife.

“At first, when I had my accident, I had to come up with something because I was told I’ll never play again. I went to see various doctors; they all said, ‘You might as well give up.’ I wouldn’t accept that. ‘I’ve got to come up with an idea that would allow me to play.’ And so I made some tips on my own of a plastic bottle. I melted it down and made a hole in it, fit it on the finger, and then sat there for weeks just filling it down to make it so it could cover the finger.

And then I’d put a leather over the top, so I can grip the strings. It was a long procedure, but it worked, and then the next thing was to make a set of light-gauge strings. So, I made a set of light-gauge strings using banjo strings as the first initial ones. So basically, I made my own set of light-gauge strings, so that worked for me. Again, it took a long time to get the action right and get it to stay in tune because they were light strings.

And just the feel – because I couldn’t feel anything, I had to get used to that, and it took a long time. And then years later, I approached guitar-string companies and talked about making light-gauge strings. No, that would never work.’ I said, ‘It does work, I use them,’ and a company in Wales said, ‘We’ll make them,’ and they made the first light-gauge strings ever.” Ozzy Osbourne recently mocked Ghost singer Tobias Forge.