Paul McCartney Daughter Reveals Woman Kiss Photo


Paul McCartney‘s daughter, renowned photographer Mary McCartney took to social media via Instagram to post this vintage, artsy photo of her work that was included at the Gagosian art gallery in New York. In this stunning display of modern art, McCartney is seen kissing this full-size doll. You can view the picture below. Here is how the account summed up the brave work of art. Paul McCartney recently made an ‘awful’ demand at a restaurant.
“This photograph I call ‘Embrace’ . It was included in my Mother Daughter show in 2015 at Gagosian NYC. There is so much romance in this kiss and the hold of her embrace x Mary”

A photo of Paul McCartney looking sad eating was also revealed recently.  Here is how fans reacted to the piece on McCartney’s social media page.

Of course, I’m terribly sorry, but it seems to me that this is just a photo taken on the phone and nothing special in it. Firstly, the light is not right at all, and secondly, it seems to me that you are just joking
It’s lovely. I saw that show at the Gargosian. It was amazing and so sweet with the inclusion of all of your family photos and those of your mom also. It was very special.