Paul McCartney Sad Restaurant Photo Leaks: ‘I Can’t Breath’


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney was photographed having dinner a couple of days ago at Nick and Toni’s in the Hamptons in New York, and sadly, me made a fan so excited she could barely breath, and she had to ‘run’ to the restroom to relieve herself! Ringo Starr recently revealed The Beatles’ gay secret, and how many gay men he really knew.

A fan named Lisa wrote on social media, “I can die now. I’m in a restaurant in the Hamptons. Suddenly, Michele said, ‘there’s Paul McCartney!’ Oh. My. God. We are sitting here in our pretty white Hampton’s dresses. I can’t breathe. I absolutely can NOT breathe. Paul McCartney is 10 feet away from me. I’m breathing the same air as PAUL McCARTNEY!!!!!

A friend named Kendra commented, “I’d be surprised if you made it out of there without peeing your pants. I know how much you love your Paul!❤️”

Lisa responded, “I had to run to the restroom and they don’t have seat covers in New York and I didn’t even care!!!”

McCartney has been spotted around the Hamptons recently, as he recently was photographed bending over near a train track to pick up coins. No, Paul isn’t broke, what he did was set down coins and later pick them up after they were flattened to use as guitar picks at his marathon concerts!