Paul McCartney Makes Awful Demand At Restaurant


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney allegedly attempted to order a veggie burger at a restaurant that doesn’t normally serve them, according to a rude fan on Snapchat who called him an ‘old lady.’ The fan said, “This old lady at McDonald’s just asked the cashier if they have veggie burgers LMAO.” A photo of Paul McCartney looking sad eating was also revealed recently.

McCartney’s Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr shot down writing an autobiography in a new Clash interview, saying his new album What’s My Name serves as a musical version of that.

“It is. It’s an autobiography in many ways, also. I don’t have the mind to do the autobiography – ‘On Tuesday, John said…’ or whatever, ‘and then I got a train to Hamburg…’ It’s not really me. I like to just put my stuff out in song – you can hear a lot about me in my songs. It is my album, so I direct where it’s moving, and ‘Better Days’ was Sam’s idea, but ‘Thank God For Music’ and the one with Steve Lukather, ‘Magic’, it’s on the beach, it’s a love song.”

Paul McCartney’s daughter was filmed on a ‘date’ with Drew Barrymore last week. “So that’s how it is. And, at dinner, ‘Gotta Get Up To Get Down’. We were having dinner with Klaus Voorman, Joe Walsh, and Jim Keltner in LA, just having dinner, and that line came out. Immediately I knew it was a song, but then I found out there’s three songs out there with that title! (Laughs) The record label said, ‘Oh, you should change that title,’ but I was like, ‘No, that’s what it is.’”

You can read the full Ringo Starr interview at Clash Music.