Pearl Jam Member Honors Chris Cornell Just Before First Show Since His Death


Pearl Jam members Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready were photographed with fans outside of their hotel a couple of days ago in Chile as they arrived to kick off the band’s South American tour, the band’s first tour in two years. McCready honored his late friend Chris Cornell by wearing a Soundgarden shirt. He also gave out free CD’s to fans.

luisnaav wrote on Instagram, “With one of my favorite heroes and guitarists and with a gift included @pearljam #mikemccready #pearljam #templeofthedog #madseason.”

puagreenchile wrote, “WHILE ALL SPEAK OF POLITICS, WE OF ROCK .. !! Today was not any fomingo … not for the more than 50 fans who waited from very early outside the hotel to their favorite band “Pearl Jam” who despite the strong sun and the long wait had their reward, because the great Eddie Vedder past 4:30 pm went out to attend each of the fans, who were lucky enough to choose between an autograph or a selfie with the artist. We thank Valeria Álvarez and Alexander Tardone for sharing their records and experience with us !!! #communitypuagree #pearljam #eddievedder #puagreen #lollapaloozachile.”

“Once again here with the great Eddie Vedder @pearljam!! Speechless! Happy! Also I could give him a couple of CD’s of our music the new album with@altavozmusica one for him and one for the great Jeff Ament for his birthday @jeffamentsarmy There are 2 tremendous unforgettable concerts Tuesday 13 movistar and Friday 16 in @lollapaloozacland of course there we will be \ 0 / #PearlJam # pearljamlive2018 #pearljamchile @veddereddie #eddievedder #imstillalive #alive.”

fucktrevorgrrr wrote, “I declare this as one of the best moments of my life, it was worth all the waiting here and all my effort to achieve something❤️ maybe at some point I can explain this but I want to say that nothing will ever surpass this so epic ❤️ thank you @pearljamthanks Eddie Vedder❤️I’m speechless #pearljamofficial #pearljam #eddievedder #pearljamfan.”

See photos and videos below.

  • Olga Stewart

    Aw Mike. :).

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  • Becky

    Wtf!! Brett you’re an ass. You put a title up that Pearl Jam is honoring Chris Cornell by wearing a f****** Soundgarden shirt. Are you kidding me that is not an honor honor is talking telling how much they miss him and honor him in that way they need to voice it wearing a damn t-shirt doesn’t mean s***. quit with your b******* ads your b******* fake stupid media that doesn’t even make sense you lie on your title to real someone in so they read your stupid column that Pearl Jam honored Chris Cornell because they wore Soundgarden shirt! all it was was a promotional f****** piece For Vedder. It was a waste of your time typing it Buchanan you are not a publisher you are not anything because you put bulshit crap up that makes no sense at all no one on earth anybody Pearl Jam needs to step up and honor Chris Cornell with some dignity in class not on a t-shirt you’re a joke Brett Buchanan!!!! #nomorebullshit