Major Pearl Jam New Album Rumor Revealed: ‘Believe This Or Not’


Eddie Vedder announced at Pearl Jam’s recent show in Boston at Fenway Park that the band would be taking a break from playing live, and that the next time they’d be together would be in the studio. There is a new rumor on the Ten Club boards regarding how much of the new album work is done.

jmug23 posted on the forums, “Believe this info or not, but I talked to my friend who is directly affiliated with one of the band members. He has had really good info in the past, although I try to not bother him about it.

According to one of the band members, most of the music on next album is already done. Didn’t ask for details or release date, but it’s coming sooner than later. Not sure how long production and all that stuff is, but that’s what he told me.”

Pearl Jam recently wrapped up their 2018 tour, and Eddie Vedder has made his first public appearance since coming home. A couple of days ago, Vedder attended a WNBA finals game in Seattle with his daughter. Mark Fischel wrote on Instagram, “Very fortunate to meet Eddie Vedder and his daughter tonight. Introduced them to the WNBA Championship Trophy. #wnba #pearljam #wnbaFinals #seattle.”

  • Corndog

    Fingers and toes crossed.

  • Stone Gossardish

    Done or not, they’re sitting on it until at least this winter and my guess would be there’s no new record for 12-16 months from this date. Ridiculous as that seems.

  • theseeker7

    Am I nuts or does the eldest daughter there seem like she’s got a bit of Kate Upton in her? feels like she looks a bit like her.

  • Sarcastic to Idiots

    I’m sure it will be just as exciting as their last few records. Those were sooooo good. Also, it’s really cool that Edddie went to a WNBA game. I’m sure those tickets were hard to get, since WNBA games are so exciting and always sell out.

    • cmlukey

      That guy sure is camera shy. He is the very definition of humble as well. He was pumping up all 1,000 fans at the game.

      Seriously, as a life-long Cubs fan it infuriates me that this a$$hole runs around like the biggest Cubs fan in the world because his buddy happens to be GM. What a fake.