Eddie Van Halen Bandmate Leaks ‘Bad Surgery’ Photo


Eddie Van Halen bandmate Sammy Hagar called out claims that a photo of Carrot Top he posted was taken after he underwent surgery. A Van Halen icon called out Michael Anthony disrespect at a bar recently.

Jofthestl commented, “Who’s had the most ‘work’ done, Rick, Sammy or CarrotTop?” Hagar responded, “Don’t look at me zero.”

Kingrhinoltd said, “So, is Carrot Top going through [gender] reassignment surgery?” Hagar responded, “Get out of here Karen Top is always been a crazy mutha.” He added, “No Karen 😂😂.”

MF5150 posted recently on VHLinks.com about the recent vocal performances of Van Halen’s other singer, David Lee Roth. “Dave’s vocals in 2012 and 2015, to my ears, had nothing to do with any sort of vocal limitations. He was making vocal melody choices that he didn’t make in 07.

Every time he shot his voice up high, it was a voluntary action, not something out of his control causing him to do that like an aging voice. He sounded ducking AMAZING during those acoustic sessions. Pull up YRGM and tell me his voice isn’t badass during that entire performance especially during the breakdown after the solo.

He was being Dave. Trying to shake things up. Gotta give the guy credit for not playing it safe and trying new shit with his instrument. The same way a guitar player might throw a few new licks in a solo or in between verses to see if they stick.

Sometimes you fall down the stairs and land. Other times you don’t. Somebody said that once…..” Eddie Van Halen’s bandmate leaked a horrible wig photo recently.