Steven Tyler ‘Throws Down’ Instrument At Aerosmith Show


One Aerosmith and Steven Tyler superfan named KevLang456 on Twitter took to the social media outlet to highlight how happy his father was at a recent Aerosmith concert for catching one of Tyler’s signature harmonica’s! You can view the photo below. Steven Tyler ‘collapses’ onstage at Aerosmith show.

In other news regarding Steven Tyler and Aerosmith fans recently took to the music subreddit to discuss and debate the appeal of the group. Mmtwinn307 started things out by saying: “Can somebody please explain to me how and why Aerosmith became the highest-selling American rock band of all time? Having listened to just a little of their discography I’m sorry but it sounds average at best and terrible at its worst. Where did all of their popularity come from? I know the highest selling and most popular doesn’t correlate to best act or most well written, but still, I am failing to see how they became so big.”

Whereas pajamaGravy put: “I think it will depend on your age. Their sound has been copied, improved, manipulated and evolved by multiple bands over the years. Much like older movies, tv, or all media for that matter, they don’t necessarily stand up to current trends. However, compared to the other bands at the same time, they were very influential and innovative. I say this as a somewhat non-listener to Aerosmith. I do respect them as artists and can see the appeal while not appealing to myself personally. The fact that they are still producing music (maybe?) or still a band you have heard of is a testament to their passion and abilities.” Steven Tyler ‘cancels’ performance after tragic news.