Pink Floyd Icon ‘Threatens’ Bandmate After Mistake At Show


Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason tweeted, “Certainly the first rule of drumming is that if you make a mistake, turn round and look angrily at the bass player…” Touring bassist Guy Pratt responded, “Give it your best shot mate..”

Pink Floyd singer/guitarist David Gilmour, talked about the artwork of Pink Floyd’s most legendary albums during the most recent episode of the Pink Floyd podcast entitled, ‘The Lost Art of Conversation: A Pink Floyd Podcast.’ Here, Gilmour discusses working with Storm Thorgerson who was behind of some Pink Floyd’s most iconic albums and who, according to Gilmour some felt was ‘Tyrant-like’. Alternative Nation transcribed Gilmour’s comments. David Gilmour recently revealed if Roger Waters ‘faked’ this performance.

Interviewer: What was Storm like to work with on projects? Which I think is probably a quite simple question yet a very complex answer.

David Gilmour: Well luckily, I wasn’t around when he was doing the nuts and bolts of this thing. There are too numerous to mention people who will say he is a ‘tyrant’ but there are people who will say he was a tyrant but they loved to work for him because he would get the job done and however many tears would be wept by however many people in the process, the result was worth it. David Gilmour savagely called out this Pink Floyd ‘loudmouth’.

Uncredited Pink Floyd Cover Art Worker: Storm and I were partners in hypnosis for fifteen years, then we went on to form a film company together and then we fell out about money, what else. We didn’t speak to each other for ten years and then the last years of his life we were very close, we loved each other, we were very close. I have to say that Storm was probably the most cantankerous, difficult person that you possibly want to be partners with.

Storm would find an objection around every corner, However, his dedication to the work and his dedication to ideas which often came from his dreams – he’d often walk in his hypnosis studio and say: “I dreamed this image last night” and suddenly, there it is, drawn on a piece of paper and suddenly we were selling it to some band and suddenly I was photographing it because in hypnosis, Storm was often the ideas man and I was often the photographer I often interpreted Storm’s ideas into what you actually see on the front cover of album covers and that’s how we worked. David Gilmour recently revealed hiring big names for new Pink Floyd.