David Gilmour Savagely Calls Out Pink Floyd ‘Loudmouth’


The electric Pink Floyd co-founder David Gilmour, talked about ‘loudmouth’ graphic designer Storm Thorgerson during most recent episode of the Pink Floyd podcast entitled, ‘The Lost Art of Conversation: A Pink Floyd Podcast.’ Thorgerson was the force behind the majority of Pink Floyd’s most iconic albums. Alternative Nation transcribed Gilmour’s comments. David Gilmour recently revealed hiring big names for new Pink Floyd.

Interviewer: So we’ve looked at the studio work that’s encapsulated in this new box set, we’ve looked at the tours that took place. Now let’s look at the artwork, the visual language of Pink Floyd. This has always been a very potent thing. Can you tell me a bit about that relationship with Storm Thorgerson? Let’s start there. David Gilmour ‘messes up’ Pink Floyd guitar solo.

David Gilmour: Storm was a friend of mine and I met Storm when he was fifteen and I was thirteen in Cambridge at a place by the river which is in the film ‘High Hopes’ for that particular little bridge and there was a place where we used to meet. Storm was a non-stop loudmouth, stayed that way for his whole life and he was the sort of guiding force behind a lot and most of our artwork throughout the years until he died. He was brilliant, a brilliant ideas person and brilliant at getting things done. You know, didn’t necessarily to take the photos himself and collated ideas from other people, was always there at the heart of it and always wanted to do things properly. David Gilmour ‘no shows’ surprise Pink Floyd performance.

  • Dalton Martin

    David Gilmour was not a cofounder of Pink Floyd. He was hired after Pink Floyd was founded yo replace Syd Barrett as he was experiencing mental decline. Please dont say he was a founding member, he was extraordinary and made Pink Floyd what we know and love, but did in no way contribute as a founding member of the band.

  • Raymond Newby

    You need to stop with these sensational headlines. He didn’t savagely call out storm at all. It was an affectionate comment on a friend. I have friends I love who are somewhat loudmouthed. Your headlines give a false impression. Also dalton is spot on. David gilmour is brilliant, but not a founding member

  • Adrian

    Total non-story. Dave didn’t “savagely call out” anyone, nor was he a co-founder of the band. This is what passes for journalism now?