Paul McCartney Disturbing Teen Drug Claim Revealed


The Beatles and Paul McCartney fan Twitter account, The Beatles Bible shared this shocking account of the first time Sir Paul McCartney took the illegal drug LSD. According to the account’s twitter: “Paul McCartney is believed to have taken his first LSD trip on 13 December 1965.” However, it goes far deeper than that. Paul McCartney’s wife reveals sad ‘overweight’ photo.

Paul McCartney’s daughter recently bent over for this actor in a recent photo. At the Eaton Row house, Tara Browne suggested they all take LSD. McCartney and Prince were unsure, having never before tried the drug. As  Barry Miles would share in the 1997 book: ‘Many Years from Now’.

“I was more ready for the drink or a little bit of pot or something. I’d not wanted to do it, I’d held off like a lot of people were trying to, but there was massive peer pressure. And within a band, it’s more than peer pressure, it’s fear pressure. It becomes trebled, more than just your mates, it’s, ‘Hey, man, this whole band’s had acid, why are you holding out? What’s the reason, what is it about you?’ So I knew I would have to out of peer pressure alone. And that night I thought, well, this is as good a time as any, so I said, ‘Go on then, fine.’ So we all did it.”

Paul McCartney ‘worse’ paycheck than Elton John revealed not too long ago. Continuing you can see how the drug was quite the experience: “It was such a mind-expanding thing. I saw paisley shapes and weird things, and for a guy who wasn’t that keen on getting that weird, there was a disturbing element to it. I remember looking at my shirtsleeves and seeing they were dirty and not being too pleased with that, whereas normally you wouldn’t even notice. But you noticed and you heard. Everything was supersensitive.

We sat around all evening. Viv Prince was great fun. Someone said, ‘Do you want a drink?’ And everyone would say, ‘No thanks, don’t need drink, this is plenty.’ If anything, we might smoke a joint. But Viv demolished the drinks tray: ‘Oh yeah, a drink!’ Cockney drummer with the Pretty Things. ‘Orrright, yeah! Nah, does anyone want a drink? I fink I’ll ’ave one of them.’ And he had the whisky and he had everything. He was having a trip but his was somehow a more wired version than anyone else’s. In the morning we ended up sending him out for ciggies.

Then one of the serious secretaries from our office rang about an engagement I had; she had traced me to here. ‘Um, can’t talk now. Important business’ or something. I just got out of it. ‘But you’re supposed to be at the office.’ ‘No. I’ve got ’flu.’ Anything I could think. I got out of that one because there was no way I could go to the office after that.”