Porcupine Tree Singer Criticizes Tool For Taking Forever On New Album: ‘They’re An Easy Target’


Former Porcupine Tree singer Steven Wilson discussed Tool in a new interview with Apparently This Matters.

“I think that’s one of the beauties, this is interesting, just leaving aside the specific band for a moment, the idea that you can follow a band across their career and actually track the development. I mean the evolution between the two albums you just mentioned for example, [Pink Floyd’s] Piper at the Gates of Dawn and Animals, the evolution is phenomenal. It’s only 10 years, it takes Tool more than 10 years to make one album now. I’m not picking on Tool, but they’re kind of an easy target.

There’s a band, you look at the development of the Beatles between 1963 and 1970, it’s extraordinary. I mean the Beatles basically formed, changed history, rewrote the whole book, created the blueprint for a lot of what we now think of as modern pop and rock music, and broke up in the space of time that it takes some bands to make one album. That to me is mind blowing and is against systematic of how things changed.”

Tool released their most recent album 10,000 Days in 2006, and have been working on a new album for a decade while intermittently touring since the conclusion of the 10,000 Days tour.

  • GhastlyFuckFace

    Steven Wilson is an absolutely brilliant songwriter. Thank you for actually posting about him. The guy is so damn prolific. The sheer amount of quality material that he has amassed between all of his projects is worth a look.

    • Kelvin Quiroz

      Totally agreed!

  • Chris Brunotte

    As a Tool fan first and foremost I have to point out that Maynard fronts not only Tool but A Perfect Circle and Pusifer as well. He also has a successful wine company. None of the legendary bands mentioned in this article can say the same. Yes, it is frustrating for us die hard Tool fans to swallow this fact. However it is a fact none the less. Perfection takes time.

    • Dysnomia

      Also not really his fault if you take him at face value (which you can’t). He is waiting for something to sing over. Juddging by his output outside of Tool, I rather tend to believe him in this case though.

  • Kelvin Quiroz

    Steven Wilson is a God! for me there is no musician like him. Porcupine Tree is or was one of the best band in the world. Thank you for the post!

  • FragilityG4

    The Beatles were on a different stratosphere than anyone else. Not a fair comparison. As far as the length of time for Tool, they keep putting out albums that are incredible wire to wire and I would take less albums with amazing content versus more albums with average content any day of the week. Having said that, damn its been long!

  • Bilbo

    That happens because people go to concerts to listen to the same old songs and use the new songs to go grab another beer. Back in the day bands had to keep releasing new music to keep their concerts fresh. Nobody buys new music anymore also, so then you have this…