Rage Against The Machine Member Asked To Reunite Band For Major Show


In a new Guardian fan Q&A, Tom Morello said he would be open to reuniting Rage Against The Machine to play a show in support of a second Brexit referendum. He also ripped Nigel Farage for using the RATM name for his podcast.

Would RATM play a show in support of a second Brexit referendum……?? Right now we need “fists in the air in the land of hypocrisy”….. xx

“If a Rage Against the Machine show breaks out, count me in…”

Given his theft of your name and IP for his ridiculous podcast, any chance you might ‘accidentally’ give Nigel Farage the dry slap he needs?

“I am open to accidentally giving Nigel a dry slap, if I encounter him on the tube. Though I doubt he rides the tube for fear of all the dry slaps he would receive. Regardless, that son of a bitch better stop using RATM as an underpinning for his racist diatribes, or we’re coming for him. Warning issued!”

Rage Against The Machine are reissuing their entire discography on vinyl, the band have announced on their official website. You can buy the albums in bundles with t-shirts for the records. The bundles cost $42.99.

The remastered new editions of 1992’s Rage Against the Machine, 1996’s Evil Empire, 1999’s The Battle of Los Angeles, 2000’s Renegades, and 2003’s Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium will be available on September 28th. You can view screenshots Alternative Nation took from RATM’s web store below.

SPIN reports, “Rage Against the Machine released a new live album of their just-pre-breakup DNC performance, Live at the Democratic National Convention 2000, for Record Store Day in April. They also sent Nigel Farage a cease and desist letter after the right-wing British pundit and politician interpolated their band name as the title of his podcast. RATM/Audioslave/Prophets of Rage guitarist Tom Morello is prepping a solo album for release this fall, entitled The Atlas Underground, due out on October 12.

He has currently released two songs from the project, including a collaboration with Vic Mensa. Killer Mike, Big Boi, RZA, GZA, Bassnectar, Portugal The Man, Gary Clark Jr., and Steve Aoki are also among the album’s guests. Prophets of Rage toured this year and released their most recent single, ‘Heart Afire,’ in April.”

  • Corndog

    There isn’t going to be a second Brexit referendum. There should be, given that so many people now realise what a stupid mistake it was and how costly it is going to be to the British public.

    So many people’s vote was racially motivated by a fear or foreigners and in particular Muslims. Fear that has been fostered by dipshits like Nigel Farage. You know the type. The sort of person that complains about them ‘coming over here to steal our jobs’, when they themselves don’t actually have one and just sit on their arse all day watching talk shows, drinking Stella and complaining about foreigners….

    I am particularly annoyed at the problems it is going to cause in my own county, as it now seems likely that a border will be reestablished between Northern and Southern Ireland as the North is part of the UK whereas the South will remain part of the EU. We have had over 20 years of progress in our peace process here, and a large part of that was down to the removal of border checks. I’m worried, as are many, that this could undermine the whole peace process. Some folks think that it may lead to a united Ireland, but i don’t particularly like that outcome either. I don’t think that it too likely though, as the people that say that never seem to consider whether or not the Republic would want the North back. It has been shown that the quality of life for everyone in the Republic would drop significantly if they had to carry the financial burden of the North instead of the UK doing so.