Rage Against The Machine ‘Secret’ Leaks: ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello tweeted a video a few days ago, “Expect a lot of THIS business on my upcoming tour. Tix at http://TomMorello.com.”

A hater tweeted in response, “That is horrendous. Sounds like lots of noise masking poor playing 🙉.”

Morello shot back, “You’ve uncovered my secret! Do NOT tell anyone!!”

Tom Morello recently discussed Rage Against The Machine’s 2007 Coachella reunion on the Strombo Show. Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed his comments.

Strombo: When you took the stage at Coachella when the Rage thing happened, I saw the video, the over-the-shoulder video. You know, when you guys took the stage…

Morello: Oh yeah.

Strombo: I wasn’t at the show and I thought, I bet that must be fucking overwhelmingly cool for those guys. What was that like?

Morello: Well playing those festival shows is nuts to begin with but at that particular [point] where Rage had been away for seven or eight years, and playing the hometown show. We headlined the first Coachella so kind of coming home like that was crazy. I had thought that band was never gonna play another show and here we were, we were actually walking this stage and you know the four of us and this one security guard, there was some kids backstage, one of them turns to the other guy and I hear them very clearly say

“Holy shit! This is really gonna happen!”

Morello: And I thought to myself ‘holy shit this is really gonna happen’. Like, I’m as excited as you are. Yes, it’s really going to happen. Then you take the stage and it’s like an ocean of gasoline, you just light the match on the first beat and the place goes nuts.