Gene Simmons Drops Kanye West Drug Bombshell


Gene Simmons may be more similar than they are different. Gene has very strong opinions as does Kanye West. Not only do Gene and Kanye share that in common, but they also know how to sell just about anything. That all said, Gene Simmons recently spoke on Kanye.

In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, Gene Simmons spoke about Kanye West and he really went all over the place with the discussion, but ultimately he would urge Kanye to get some sort of help after his rants and anti-Semitic remarks that he made.

Gene would state, as transcribed by Alternative Nation: “The only piece of advice that I have – as someone in the peanut gallery, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a physician, I don’t know much about Ye (Gene pronounces this Yeee) or Kanye, I’ve got friends who are close enough and so on. If there’s medication, I respectfully urge the gentleman to take the medication.”

Gene would admit that he does not know Kanye and he does not know what goes on inside of his mind. Gene then goes on to suggest that Kanye should also change his group of friends.

He continues: “When you’re a billionaire – and god bless him for that, it’s the majesty of the American capitalist system. There you go. In a country full of racism, the capitalist system allowed you to become a billionaire.”

It’s not clear whether or not Kanye West is playing a character, (albeit incredibly poorly and in awful taste if so) or if he truly is in need for some kind of drastic help. It seems to be the later as this all started after the death of his mother which would mean that there was something that seemed to have went off in his brain after losing someone so close to him in life.