Rage Against The Machine Stunned By Death Of 90’s Icon


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has reacted to the death of legendary Seattle singer Shawn Smith, who sang for Brad and Satchel. Smith died on April 5th, the same day as Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley.

Morello tweeted, “RIP #ShawnSmith. Great singer. Long ago I remixed this banging track “Battle Flag” that featured him on vocals.”

Cheryl Diane posted on Facebook, “I have a whole file full of photos I took of Shawn Smith. He always held his spot on stage, but I loved taking photos of him because the emotion behind his music was so strongly conveyed by his presence. I’ve seen posts by several people who said they have cried when they’ve seen him perform.

He was Seattle’s voice of the angels, he was a kind to me and pretty much everyone he met, he was a good friend to many of my friends, and most importantly, he was a beloved father. I’m sad for everyone who will spend their lives missing him, and glad they were willing to share him with the world for a while. Soar with the eagles, Shawn.”

Alternative Nation writer and ‘Grunge is Dead’ author Greg Prato wrote, “Sad to hear about the passing of Shawn Smith. The first 2 Brad albums (Shame and Interiors) and the first Satchel album (EDC) remain some of my fav albums of all-time. I was lucky to interview him for the ‘Grunge Is Dead’ book and also for Songfacts.”