Led Zeppelin Bandmate Reveals Cryptic Reunion Photo


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page’s former bandmate David Coverdale hinted at a reunion a couple of days ago after posting a cryptic photo with Page. He tweeted, “Stay Tuned For Some BREAKING NEWS!!!! Any Minute NOW!!! …:)” Howard Stern hinted at a Led Zeppelin reunion concert yesterday.

One fan responded, “You’re recording with Jimmy Page and will be touring with him next year!!! Okay, just kidding… 😝”

Another fans chimed in, “I wish! I soooo want to see @JimmyPage in concert. But I’m sure it won’t happen. I’m FINALLY going to see John Paul Jones in March.”

One fan said, “A Coverdale/Page boxed set – Jason Bonham, there was only a brief window to work on it. ‘At that time, I thought March-April-May, Jimmy and I could remix it and mix the unreleased songs that we had,’ he explained. ‘Because we had four or five extra songs.'”

Coverdale later tweeted, though it’s unclear if this was his announcement, “Better Be Early Than Late, Boys & Girls…:) New Happy Holiday Items Available Now!!!Whitesnake Official Site https://whitesnake.com/?p=5193.”

Foo Fighters savagely called out a Led Zeppelin ripoff recently. Robert Plant discussed working with Patty Griffin and the Band of Joy to cover Low’s “Monkey” on his Digging Deep podcast.

“That Band of Joy record had hardly any preparation,” he recalled. “Those musicians, who sound insanely great, don’t want to know about the song until they’re standing with their equipment, ready to go. So there’s no preamble because they want to be real fresh and try this from another point.”

Plant recalled saying he enjoyed the groove, but he needed another voice. Guitarist Buddy Miller then said, “Well, I’ve just been working with Patty Griffin.” Plant proclaimed that he “couldn’t even imagine somebody like that coming through the door and singing like that on stuff I was doing. … She seemed to have so much of herself. How do you lock that beauty with what I’m doing, with set melody? It seems like Patty needs to sing with so much flex … and when you’re singing side by side, you’ve got to keep it tight.” Robert Plant revealed what really killed Led Zeppelin last week.