Rage Against The Machine’s Zack de la Rocha Made Bold Rock Hall of Fame Remarks


Rage Against The Machine were snubbed from induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Thursday, angering fans. Many though questioned if the band would actually reunite at a hypothetical induction ceremony, wondering if Zack de la Rocha would show up.

Tim Commerford even told Rolling Stone in 2015, “If Rage gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it’ll be interesting to see who shows up,” he said. “I think it’s pretty obvious. I think there’s somebody who’s going to show up and somebody who’s not going to show up and maybe somebody who’s going to show up with an enema filled with food coloring and shit all over the red carpet.”

What fans forget is that Zack de la Rocha inducted Patti Smith into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007, and he said it was an ‘honor and privilege’ to do it. He also made bold political remarks at the ceremony.

“The opening to ‘Gloria’ might be one of the greatest moments in America music. The piano line and the space within it speaks to us like a dark gospel, and then you hear that voice, and you think nothing could be this haunting, and this healing, at the same time.”

“Patti’s spirit ultimately proved too restless for radio, and far too threatening. She seemed far more interested in creating transcendent poetic moments than fashionable hits, because she had already carved her legacy in something much deeper. The movement she helped defined explained why people like me related more to the Bad Brains than we did to the Eagles, why we championed The Clash and hated Ronald Reagan, and why we dropped our textbooks and picked up Sonia Sanchez, Allen Ginsberg, and Langston Hughes.”

“[She was] fearless when she put the Bush administration up on the firing line for this illegal war and pulled her poetic trigger. Fearless in prose, and fearless in life, it is my honor and privilege to induct Patti Smith into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

Based on Zack’s speech, he may be more likely to show up when Rage Against The Machine are eventually inducted (hopefully 2020) than many think, and have a whole lot to say!

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  • agentboolen

    Personally I think they should make more albums then think there rock and roll royalty at this point. 3 studio albums shouldn’t get you in the hall of fame, yes I know it happened with Nirvana and basically GNR but it’s really not enough imo, it’s really just wasted potential.

    • Suicide_Note

      Not to mention that, while the first record is very good, the second is just okay, and the third is dull. Had they all been stellar, then I’d have no issue with RATM getting in with just three records under their belt.

    • Rizz

      Renegades is brilliant!

  • WestBendShred

    Most overrated band ever.

    Zach D is a ONE NOTE screaming clown.

  • Green Bastard

    Good music. Stupid politics. Bunch of cucks

  • Ty S

    Yeah I’m sure he would have a lot to say but unfortunately it would just be more of his RICH ass racist socialist hypocritical B.S.

  • thebear

    Zach should be in with his previous band Inside Out. They blew Rage outta the water… No spiritual surrender is easily a top 5 EP of hardcore music. It was a game changer for the hardcore genre… Zach should be in for his musical output, not just his time in Rage. And it could be worse, he could’ve been in audioslave

  • Greg Kurtz

    nothing but commies playing crap music-they suck BAD