Pearl Jam Release Emotional Kim Thayil Collaboration Honoring Chris Cornell


Pearl Jam were joined onstage by Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil on in Seattle at Safeco Field in August. It was the first time Thayil performed in Seattle since Chris Cornell’s death, and he wore a t-shirt onstage with Cornell’s face in it in honor of his friend and bandmate. Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron also had on a Chris Cornell tribute shirt.

Mudhoney members Mark Arm and Steve Turner, along with Thayil, came onstage for “Search and Destroy” and “Sonic Reducer”.

Pearl Jam have now released a professionally shot version of the performance for the first time as part of their ’12 Days of Pearl Jam’ holiday celebration. You can watch the “Search and Destroy” video featuring Mudhoney and Soundgarden members below.

im Thayil was asked if Soundgarden had their ‘shit together’ in the spotlight in the 90’s compared to Pearl Jam and Nirvana in a new Vulture interview.

From my outside perspective as a fan growing up in the ’90s, it seemed like Soundgarden were the cool big-brother band in the Seattle scene that had their shit together, whereas Nirvana and Pearl Jam seemed a lot less comfortable in the spotlight. What was the feeling on the inside?

“I don’t think we were particularly comfortable in the spotlight, either. I think that feeling was generally shared among the Seattle bands.”

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