Red Hot Chili Peppers Legend Cries For Chris Cornell: ‘I Knew How He Felt’


Former Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello was recently interviewed on the Dark Matter podcast by former Red Hot Chili Peppers and current Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments about Chris Cornell dying by suicide. Morello has raised awareness for Suicide Awareness Voices of Education in honor of Cornell.

Navarro said, “So I’ve been very close, I tell you man right when Chris died, I put on Soundgarden, and I sat there and I wept, and I wept, because I knew how that felt. I’m getting teary now.”

Morello added, “I still weep all the time, it’s still so horrible.”

Navarro said, “It hit me so hard to see someone so talented, so lovely, so incredible, and magical, and still mythical, and a loving human being who I worked with when we were on tour in 2003. He and I would bring kids from rehabs and hang out with them and say, ‘Hey guys, you can do this sober and stuff.’ But to still have that hole in yourself, and still feel that depression and loneliness and isolation, especially on tour, I identified so deeply with that, and I felt so much loss and pain about that. That’s the one that hit me the hardest.”

Morello said, “The lesson is that there is help. There are friends, there’s family, there’s loved ones, and professionals who can help. If the arm is broken, you go to the doctor. You can do the same thing, and get real help that will save your life, and change your life, and definitely make it better.”

  • sharkguitar

    What’s with the never ending flow of Chris Cornell articles? Get over it and move on. Tom and Dave should be practicing on learning how to play the guitar.

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      Go away.

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        I did…but now I’m back.

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      I’m sure you’re much better at guitar than Dave Navarro and Tom Morello, said nobody ever…. Your contribution to rock is what, being an idiot?

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        I’m way better than those clowns. I was friends and played with Danny Gatton, Roy Buchanan, Tom Principato, Nils Logren and other real guitar players until I headed south. I just finished playing a 63 Strat. Take your kiddie music and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine you wannabe. Merry Christmas.

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    I wonder how Creepy Dave Navarro feels when he’s creeping on underage girls on Facebook. does he get all teary-eyed then? Navarro is a joke who hasn’t been relevant in over 20 years. He walks around with his balls in Perry’s bimbo wife’s faux Gucci handbag.