Scott Weiland’s Heartbreaking Letter To Dave Navarro Surfaces


Former Red Hot Chili Peppers and current Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro has shared an unfinished letter that late Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland wrote him. You can view it below.

Navarro wrote on Instagram, “Just found an old unfinished letter from a friend. #scottweiland #RIP brother!”

Navarro revealed how Weiland connected him with a therapist in an April 2018 Yahoo interview.

“I felt isolated and alone, and the drugs made me feel included, and made me feel OK,” he recalls. “I can tell you that when my mom died, I didn’t have a support system. I didn’t have a therapist. I didn’t have a psychiatrist. I didn’t have friends who could understand. And I always felt kind of like the odd man out, because I had this horrific trauma, this bag of bricks that I was carrying around with me, that my friends didn’t.”

“In 1983, those types of things weren’t talked about as often, freely. And so, for whatever reason, I never did talk about it. And I wish I had,” Navarro continues. “And I guess the message we’re saying here is, it’s not too late to get in and see someone. Sometimes, when it comes to trauma, telling your story in a linear fashion really helps alleviate some of the suffering.”

For years, Navarro has been into meditation and yoga, and he regularly visits a therapist whom he met through his friend Scott Weiland. “I go to therapy whether I’m feeling good, or whether I’m feeling bad. That keeps me on an even keel,” Navarro asserts. “I don’t feel any shame in saying that. I feel that it’s an incredible strength to be able to ask for help. Had it not been for the support team I had around me, I very well may have been one of the statistics.”

Just found an old unfinished letter from a friend. #scottweiland #RIP brother!

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  • Allison Auld

    Mary Forsberg Weiland wrote about this story in her book. Scott went over to Dave’s house and then went out to his patio to write him a letter (for some reason). He only got that far before Dave found him passed out. Mary said that Dave told her that he framed Scott’s “letter”.

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          I do count on you for solid and interesting information and opinions truly!

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  • Raj

    I wonder what he wanted to say to Dave.

  • Lee Hasselbeck

    Dear dave…

    So heartbreaking. I’m in tears

    • makingconnections

      It is heartbreaking.

      In my mind he would have said something like:
      “My only real concern for you and I is that we’ll just get tired and quit trying.”

      Of course I don’t know.

  • Adam

    Ha. I remember Dave discussing this “letter” on, I believe it was MTV cribs. He implied Scott was nodding while attempting to write it… he also stated the only thing missing was, “a period at the end” & it would’ve been a really insightful & poweful statement lol

  • Drabo

    Hey Dave, I have an Incredible Homage to Scott Weiland Project – and wanted to talk to you about it etc. …Pleases get back to me ASAP Cheers, Andre AKA Drabo. B-}